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  • DomesticDomestic

    Germstar® for Domestic

    Good hand hygiene at home means your family is less likely to contract common infections such as colds, flu’s and stomach bugs.

  • HealthcareHealthcare

    Germstar® for Healthcare

    People who work in hospitals, care homes and doctors surgeries are frequently exposed to germs. It is recommended to wash your hands regularly and apply hand sanitiser to keep up with infection control procedures.

  • LeisureLeisure

    Germstar® for Leisure

    Wellbeing and hygiene at leisure facilities goes hand in hand to give your customers and workforce the required protection in reaching their goals.

  • HospitalityHospitality

    Germstar® for Hospitality

    Hotels, restaurants, airlines, and cruise ships are beginning to offer infection control products to protect both customers and staff. Guests and employees alike appreciate the convenience of infection protection where they work and play.

  • EducationEducation

    Germstar® for Education

    Germstar hygiene systems help protect students from nursery age through to university in an environment where illness causing germs are easily spread.

  • IndustrialIndustrial

    Germstar® for Industrial

    Our unique range of hand hygiene products are available in many different sizes, making it the ideal product for busy service engineers who might not always have access to hand washing facilities.

  • Care and Nursing HomesCare and Nursing Homes

    Germstar® for Care and Nursing Homes

    We help protect care homes everyday with our Germstar dispenser system, our tailored service makes hand washing and sanitising quick and easy and will not damage the skin of the user with frequent use.

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