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  • NoroNoro

    Germstar® Noro

    Our flagship UK hand sanitiser product. Extremely well received when used with our touchless dispensers within the cruise line and care home sectors where Noro virus is commonplace.

    Fastly becoming an industry favourite and smart alternative to traditional “alcohol gels”.

    Germstar® Noro has been formulated and engineered to kill Noro virus within 20 seconds of contact time, leaving hands sanitised and moisturised with a light Spearmint fragrance.

    Features and Information:

    • Originally designed for the cruise line industry to protect ship’s passengers from the highly contagious nature of Noro virus.
    • Germstar® sanitises with no sticky residue, unlike gels and foams.
    • Developed to have maximum effectiveness on Noro virus, although the solution is very effective at killing most other germs as well.
    • Lab results (available upon request from Germstar® UK) prove its ability to kill Noro virus in 20 seconds of contact time.
    • Economical – up to 1400 uses per 946ml refill
  • OriginalOriginal

    Germstar® Original

    Germstar UK proudly bring you the Germstar® Original Sanitiser to be used through our touch-free dispenser system.

    Hospital strength formula

    This Hospital strength formula comprises of 70% Isopropanol as its key ingredient, blended with natural emollients and a pure mint fragrance to soften the hands of the user. The quick drying time of Original (10 – 15 seconds) and its astounding moisturising effect, ensure no sticky residue occurs on the hands of the user which prevents further spread of bacteria and viruses in healthcare environments.

    Features and Information

    • Ensures full hand hygiene compliance and best practice for Hospital, Clinical and Surgical environments
    • Registered supplied product to NHS
    • The Isopropyl alcohol solution offers the broadest killing spectrum of all of our solutions.
    • Natural emollients are designed to “stay out of the way” of the alcohol molecules during the killing phase, Germstar® Original sanitiser finishes with ingredients leaving the skin clean, soft and moisturised.
    • Economical – up to 1400 uses per 946ml refill
  • CitrusCitrus

    Germstar® Citrus

    Germstar® Citrus shines in its powerful performance in environments such as Home, Schools, Nurseries and Leisure where a strong alcohol fragrance and content is often unnecessary.

    Formulated with 63% Ethanol and low odour fragrance

    Germstar® Citrus is available with our touchless dispensers and in various sized bottles, offers an unbeatable “clean feel” and peace of mind for safely sanitising the hands of all age groups.

    Features and Information

    • Perfect for Domestic and Travel use
    • Safe for use for all children of Nursery age upwards
    • Great for food and drink handling environments due to the low odour feature
    • Like all Germstar® sanitiser solutions, Citrus also kills 99.99% of all known bacteria, viruses and funghi
    • Economical – up to 1400 uses per 946ml refill
  • Extra Mild SoapExtra Mild Soap

    Germstar® Extra Mild Soap

    Germstar UK strongly recommend hand washing with a good quality soap (when hot running water is available) for hand hygiene best practice.

    Our Germstar® Extra Mild Soap works brilliantly to clean soiled hands in conjunction with our touchless dispenser system.

    Features and Information

    • Perfect washroom and bathroom soap dispenser solution
    • Safe for use for all children of Nursery age upwards
    • Leaves hands clean, soft and with a subtle and pleasant fragrance
    • Economical – up to 1400 washes per 946ml refill
  • DegreaserDegreaser

    Germstar® D-Limonene Degreaser

    Germstar® D-Limonene Degreaser harnesses superior power to remove oil and grease substances while leaving hands soft and ready for the next task.

    This grease cutting D-Limonene formula respects skin conditions with its non-abrasive scrub to get hands clean.

    Widely used across manufacturing, engineering and processing plants with the Germstar® Touchless dispenser system to offer pure peace of mind and a duty of care to staff.

    Features and Information

    • Perfect for use alongside Germstar® Extra Mild Soap and Sanitiser solutions for peak hand hygiene
    • Hand-friendly with pleasant fragrance
    • Economical – up to 1400 washes per 946ml refill
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