Germstar® Noro

Our flagship UK hand sanitiser product. Extremely well received when used with our touchless dispensers within the cruise line and care home sectors where Noro virus is commonplace.

Fastly becoming an industry favourite and smart alternative to traditional “alcohol gels”.

Germstar® Noro has been formulated and engineered to kill Noro virus within 20 seconds of contact time, leaving hands sanitised and moisturised with a light Spearmint fragrance.

Features and Information:

  • Originally designed for the cruise line industry to protect ship’s passengers from the highly contagious nature of Noro virus.
  • Germstar® sanitises with no sticky residue, unlike gels and foams.
  • Developed to have maximum effectiveness on Noro virus, although the solution is very effective at killing most other germs as well.
  • Lab results (available upon request from Germstar® UK) prove its ability to kill Noro virus in 20 seconds of contact time.
  • Economical – up to 1400 uses per 946ml refill

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