Germstar® kills 99.99% of all transient bacteria. Fact.

Germstar®. Putting infection control in your hands.

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We make hand hygiene in the workplace or at home simple and effective

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Germstar's automatic system eliminates the dispenser as a potential for cross-contamination due to the No-Touch Feature.


Germstar's unique sanitiser solution is effective against 99.99% of all known viruses, bacteria and fungi in under 20 seconds after application.


Germstar's brand of automatic dispensers and sanitising solution is a trusted product across all industries in the UK and globally.


Germstar® uses natural emollients as a built-in moisturiser to keep skin soft to prevent dryness and skin cracking, even with frequent daily use.

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Germstar® Original 946ml Starter Kit (White/Blue) - Hand Sanitiser

Germstar® Noro 59ml Spray Bottles (case/6)

Compact 355ml Starter Kit with Noro sanitiser white/blue


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Did you know?

The typical office desk harbours more than 10 million bacteria, 400 times more germs than found on a standard toilet seat.

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What comes after COVID?

The pandemic has shown us that being unprepared through lack of sufficient PPE and hand washing/sanitising equipment can have disastrous consequences for all. Germstar® will continue to supply all industries and households with our premium range of infection control systems. Providing peace of mind to ensure our communities are fully protected for the future. Our team of industry experts, through innovation and scientific research are continuously striving to keep the Germstar® brand at the top of its market for infection control.

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